Webinar "Robotics for young people in Russia"

25 Января 2019

You will know how Innopolis University develops robotics in Russia together with our partners:

  • How our competitional system looks like. New ideas of competition for WRO

  • How academic resources of Innopolis University helps us to develop robotics

  • What effective means (new sets, software and challenges) we use to get children interested in modern trends in robotics: drones, underwater robots and self-driving cars

  • How our University integrates Smart City technologies in its city. Innopolis is a new, small IT-city

  • Which role STEM-centers of Innopolis University play in development of robotics among young people

The meeting will start on 25th Jan 2019 at 10:00 GMT online!

Get information and register at http://team-project.university.innopolis.ru/webinar

The webinar is over, but you can get all the content in the video below:

Дополнительные материалы:








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