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Advanced Robotics Challenge

Challenge features


Your team: 1-3 students (17-25 years old) 

Your robot:

  • main controller: any! MyRIO, KNR (MyRIO based) or PRIZM
  • building system: any! MATRIX or/and TETRIX 
  • control software: any! LabVIEW from National Instruments or any text-based language (like C, C++, C#, RobotC, Java, Python etc.)
  • maximum size: 45х45х45 cm

Your challenge: The challenge is to make a robot that can score as many points as possible in a robot version of the autonomous operation of gardening in a green house. This year the team must design and program robot that can do localization and mapping for the playground that simulate different environment of a green house in order to garden the green house. You will have a few attempts to demonstrate your robot. Before each attempt you will have time for reconstruction, reprogramming and testing.

We will be very proud of you, if your robot will handle all the the tasks 100%! And more proud, if your robot will repeat its result in several attempts.

Brief challenge description

This season challnge is "SMART Greenhouse".

A greenhouse is a closed structure that provide different regulated climate for plants. The greenhouse is represented by open square table. The greenhouse contains plants in the growth stage which are represented by small cubes laying on the top of boxes. The boxes represent different climate which differs in the illumination and warming conditions. There are 5 boxes of 5 different colors and on top of each box there are 4 small cubes which not from the same color of the box and they are located in the four known direction (right, left, forward and backward). The boxes do not have a fixed position inside the table. The robot must start from a parking zone represented by white box that have open side.

Game Table Description.jpg

Important documents

Regulations of the Innopolis Open Robotics

General Rules of the Challenge

Challenge Description, Rules and Scoring

Challenge Field&Objects Specification

Printable file of the mat

How to participate

  1. Start a team and register it
  2. Start a team with those who share your ideas under the guidance of a coach.

    Ask your coach to register your team. To do this, please fill in the registration form.

  3. Qualify for Innopolis Open
  4. Complete this qualification task, prepare a report (use this report's template) and submit this form. Check your application here.

    Deadline - 19th May 2019!

    Russian teams must qualify in accordance with the Regulations about qualification of Russian teams.

  5. Take part at Innopolis Open!
  6. All information about the event you can get in the FINAL menu above.