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Intelligent Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Challenge features


Your team: 1-3 school-going students (13-18 years old)

Your robot:

  • any material and hardware
  • any software
  • maximum size as big as swimming pool

Your challenge: the challenge is to develop an underwater robot that will be able to perform various tasks under water.

We will be very proud of you, if your robot will handle all the the tasks 100%! And more proud, if your robot will repeat its result in several attempts.

Challenge description

According to the archaeologists, thousands of ships had sank in the Baltic Sea, during the entire navigation time. More than 10,000 of them are located on the Russian coast, about 2,500 of them are in the Gulf of Finland. Ships in the Baltic Sea had sank for various reasons, and not only during military operations, but also because of storms, collisions and landings. Russian scientists have studied the sea bed and constructed an atlas of Baltic sunken ships, they believe that the Baltic Sea is one of the best custodians of the Underwater human heritage. Due to the low temperatures, the lack of animals, oxygen and light, the fragments of sunken ships are perfectly preserved under deep silt. However, under conditions of high density of cruising ships and intensive sea current, often, archaeologists do not have any opportunity to perform the necessary research using divers, support ships, and as a result, remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROUV). The only possible option in this situation is the use of autonomously operated underwater vehicle (AOUV).


Participants need to conduct a research of an unknown wreck. Scientists do not have an exact information concerning the country to which the ship belongs to, in order to determine it, it is necessary to inspect the ship's hold and find any signs determining the nationality of the ship. The next task is to activate the auxiliary equipment located near the wreck, which will deliver the data, collected by the equipment, to the surface, and also inform people upstairs – to which country the ship belonged. Finally, in the last task, the participants will need to measure the size of the flooded safe that fell from the ship in the event of an accident, and safely surface in a strictly defined area.

Important documents

Regulations of the Innopolis Open Robotics

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Challenge Description, Rules and Scoring

Challenge Field&Objects Specification

How to participate

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