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What is Innopolis Open Robotics?


The Innopolis Open Robotics (IOR) Olympiad is an open team design Olympiad for the development of intelligent robotic systems for schoolchildren.

The IOR is organized by Innopolis University, located in a new IT-city - Innopolis.

The IOR strives to follow current trends and offers several profiles to participate. A team of participants develops a robot and endows it with intelligence (programs) so that it can solve a problem in conditions that are completely unknown in advance.

The IOR season begins with an assignment announcement (at the beginning of the school year) and ends with a finale (at the end of the school year). Teams are selected to qualify for the final.

Our mission

We believe that intelligent robots will solve all the global problems of humanity. Our mission is to prepare the future creators of such robots.

The Olympiad is not a goal, but a tool for developing the skills necessary for this.

Our values

Принципы олимпиады.jpg
  1. Everyone is on an equal footing
  2. Impartial assessment
  3. Actual and challenging tasks
  4. Victory must be valuable
  5. We welcome autonomous, intelligent and stable solutions
  6. Process transparency

Feel the Innopolis Open Robotics!

We have been holding competitions of a similar concept as part of the All-Russian Robotics Olympiad since 2014. But as a separate direction under the brand Innopolis Open Robotics , the Olympiad was presented for the first time in 2019.

In 2020, the Olympiad was held remotely for the first time.